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A rum spin on a French 75. Done with Bacardi 8, lime and honey, topped with Prosecco.


Lime Aperol Spritz

Dry, crisp rift on the classic Aperol Spritz. We use Hangar One Kaffir Lime Vodka to create this light but not sweet 



Bourbon Tea Party

Here we use Old Forester. One of America's oldest bourbons, in homage to one of America's oldest stories. We blend Old Forester with an in-house Chai Tea syrup to create this concoction. 


Carthusian Sazerac

Carthusian is a reference to the monks from which we get Chartreuse. This is a pepper spice, earthy rift on the classic Sazerac made with Sazerac Rye.


Garden of Eden 

A gin based cocktail that is herbal, citrus with a balanced sweetness. Seersucker Gin is used for it's heavy citrus notes. 


Pineapple Caipirinha

A rift on the classic Caipirinha made with Cachaca 51. Yet we chose to substitute a lightly peppered in-house pineapple syrup for the sugar that's typically used. 


Bonny's Baby 

Named for the infamous pirate, Anne Bonny. This rum concoction combines the smooth complexity of Kirk & Sweeney 23 along with the bold and spicy Kraken Black. Dashed with a clove and anise infused molasses. This cocktail is balanced with notes of sugar & spice.

Rosebery Cooler 

A vodka based concoction made with Tito's Hand Made Vodka. We use Cocchi Rosa to balance out the sweetness of this cocktail. 

Our Mai Tai 

Trader Vic created the original Mai Tai. This is our version, made with Kirk & Sweeney 12 and our in-house orgeat topped with Disaronno. 

After 5

Doesn't matter if it's AM or PM, this cocktail is fitting for any time after 5:00. A nutty espresso cocktail with an Old Forester bourbon backbone.

Mezcal Negroni

On this Negroni, we chose to substitute Ilegal Joven Mezcal for the typical gin. Still adding the necessary Campari. This can be served up or on the rocks.